KIA's advertising

KIA asked for a Christmas artwork to be used for digital supports. So before designing, I began to make a deep study about this large automobile manufacturer (from videos, customers preferences, company vision and sells, global market and communication strategy, etcetera). Based on that, and on the strategy of KIA Motors interacional - which is the same for all countries - I designed complety from scratch! This is a full digital artwork; more than a generic picture of a KIA's car.

(This was one of the most challenging compositions I ever did and one of the most pleasurables!)

What was my idea?! In Christmas, even Santa leaves the reindeer behind and ask for a lift when he see's the car of his dreams. Yes, Kia is for Santa! And you?! You can choose and have one too, because... "This Christmas, even the Santa Claus goes by Kia!"

Headline copy: Floduardo de Almeida
Footer copy: Diogo Sousa

Project Details